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Cooking in the comfort of your own home! 

Want to learn how to cook your favourite dishes, prep like a boss, create super delicious meals that are budget friendly?

My custom cooking workshops have become a super popular and invaluable experience to achieve any or all of the above. 

Let me know what you'd LOVE to learn!

Either one on one OR get your family and friends involved for a hands on cooking session. 

How does it work?

We discuss what you want to focus on, I'll send you a list of ingredients to purchase, I show up at your place and then into your kitchen we go!

If  a Virtual Workshop is your option, same deal but I'll be cooking from my kitchen and you in yours, how cool is that!

I will also provide you with a digital (or paper) recipe book for you to continue cooking your favourite recipes, for many years to come. 

Workshop Duration: 5 hours  Cost: $300

OPTIONS: In-person 

Virtual (wherever you are in the world)

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